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Mario Unleashed – Google Video Nov 22 2005

Super Mario Brothers live on the Marimbas

One word: Marimba. Mario. Brothers. Well, 3 words. But quite nice, a good hit on my “super mario brothers live performance” fetish. I always tell all my musician friends, “You need to learn to play Super Mario brothers.” I mean, what good are you as a musician if you can’t play Super Mario Brothers??? 🙂

Watch the video: Mario Unleashed – Google Video

system7designs :: Phoogle Maps 2.0 Nov 22 2005

system7designs :: Phoogle Maps 2.0

Phoogle Maps (pronounced like Foogle Maps) is a PHP class that integrates itself with the Google Maps API and with the database to make an easy to use interface to display Google Maps on your site. With about 5 lines of PHP code you can display a customized Google Map on your website. Please note that you will need a free Google Maps API Key to use Phoogle Maps

Just finished putting Kristin’s lappy back together Nov 22 2005

12" Powerbook
Unfortunately, this wasn’t an upgrade. About a month ago, Kristin’s 12″ Powerbook suffered a hard drive crash after she was working it with some heavy duty photoshop work (I think she basically killed it because it got so hot that the bearings in the drive expanded, freezing the drive.

Thankfully, this was the “best” kind of crash, and the service we used (Eco Data Recovery, down in Florida) did a superb job of recovering the data. I went with them in large part because they offered a fixed-rate price instead of the variable sliding scale employed by most other data recovery firms (so that once they have your hard drive, they can basically ransom your data back to you… 🙁 ). But dealing with Eco Data Recovery was a pleasure from start to finish, the loaded Kristin’s data back onto a nice shiny new Lacie 250 GB external drive I had drop-shipped there.

So, if you need to take apart your own 12″ Powerbook, I can definitely recommend the following tutorial with pictures:

Reader Article on PowerBook G4 12in Hard Drive Upgrade

Difficulty: For advanced users. (You assume all risk in doing this; if something gets damaged in the process, the Apple warranty won’t cover it.)

It was somewhat tricky, but mostly just took a long time. I put the screws into little numbered sandwich bags (6 bags total) to keep track of how to put it all back together.

Anyways, hopefully in about a week we’ll have Kristin’s lappy back good as used… 🙂 – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox? Nov 16 2005 – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox?

Your Favorite Firefox Extensions

Ever want a place to store all your favorite Firefox extensions? Look no farther, you can create your own page in about 10 seconds and 1-click add most of the ones that you already like.

Here are my favorites: My favorite extensions – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox? Nov 14 2005

This is what coding all weekend with a good friend can do: – tell everyone why you like Firefox and they should switch to it from IE.

First post. 🙂 – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox?

1 reasons to use Firefox and counting…

Why Firefox? Reason #1

Gabriel says: Using Firefox is like drinking water after wandering the desert for 40 years. Except that it is a web browser, and it’s been available for some time now. 🙂

That was 14:26 yesterday.

(That was 14:26 yesterday.)

Awesome. Check it out, you’re the first to know.

Web Creme Nov 13 2005

Check out this new showcase that features most beautiful and inspiring web designs.

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Spam, spam, lovely spam Nov 12 2005

Spam, spam, lovely spam

Send us your funny spam and we’ll publish it. And make fun of it.


Red Swingline Stapler – Office Space Movie Quiz Nov 10 2005

Man, and I thought I was more of a fan. Some of the questions were pretty hard (involving information from the DVD extras for example…)

Thank you for taking the Office Space Quiz
Here are your results:
Correct Responses: 64
In-Correct Responses: 36

Basic Office Space Fan – Good Job, but you might want to watch the movie a little more closely

Take the quiz: Office Space Movie Quiz

(Thanks, Chris!)

Adsense Notifier – great Firefox extension that shows you what your Google Adsense earnings are… right now. Nov 8 2005

This neato plugin shows you what your current Google Adsense revenues are in the bottom of the Firefox window. Really nice!

Adsense Notifier simply shows your adsense stats on the status bar and updates the stats automatically. This is wonderful for anyone with OCD ( or GAD as some have called it ) who needs to check their stats every three seconds to see if they have gotten any more clicks :-p

Need a Google Adsense account to start making money on your website?

Click this button to sign up:

Get the extension: mincus code – Adsense Notifier

How to make form labels work for images in IE and Safari Nov 8 2005

You already use <label> tags for your forms, right? This is the great little bit of HTML that allows you to click on a text label instead of directly on a form control to select. It always pisses me off when designers don’t put them in since it makes forms much easier to interact with.

So, you may have tried to wrap a <label> around an image, like so:

Try clicking on the picture to select the radio box in IE or Safari: (works in Firefox, Opera, NOT in IE or Safari)



You were probably expecting it to behave like it does when you wrap it around just text. This works as expected in Firefox and Opera (producing an effect as if you had just clicked the radio button or checkbox) but doesn’t work in IE or Safari.

The solution to make everything within your <label> activate the radio button is a simple small bit of additional javascript to add to your <label>, where radio3 is the same ID as the element you want to activate:


Now try clicking on the picture to select the radio box in IE or Safari: (works in all browsers)



This allows you to use images in your forms to click on to select a radio button, and works in Firefox, IE, Safari, Flock, Opera.

Feedback is welcome!

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