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The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art Sep 5 2006

Good resource for the aspiring isometric pixel artist:

The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art

Submitted a tile for Collabofit to Sep 5 2006

There are still some free blocks left. I actually like what this clever Australian is doing, lots of opportunity for creativity here.

Collabofit - Your online fitness club

I submitted a floor advertising Collabofit – Your online fitness club which is now in an actually usable state, for basic fitness stats entries. We’ll see how it looks in the tower.

Check it out: pixTower – Pixel Advertising at its Finest – Move into the (soon to be) World’s Tallest Virtual Tower TODAY!

Proof that 0.999… equals 1 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sep 3 2006

I was just discussing this very issue with my good friends JB, Ben, James, and Chuck over some tasty La Pizza pizza.

Hawaiian pizza from La Pizza with bacon

Proof that 0.999… equals 1

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The recurring decimal 0.999… equals 1, not approximately but exactly. More precisely, the standard real number represented by 0.999… (where the 9s repeat forever) is exactly equal to the standard real number 1.

Proofs of this equality vary depending on the level of rigor demanded and on what results are assumed to be already known. All proofs rely on properties of the standard real numbers. There are other so called “non-standard” real numbers, for which the equality does not hold. In many of these number systems, 0.999… is not well-defined.

Proof that 0.999… equals 1 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Unix command line tip of the day: How to recursively add all newly added files to Subversion in an existing working copy Sep 1 2006

When using Subversion for version control, if you have a working copy checked out and then you want to add a variety of new files and directories to the existing ones, you might do something like this:

[code]cp -R newfiles/* files/[/code]

Unfortunately, svn add only will add files or directories in the immediate directory unless you explicitly specify each new file or directory to add when you are adding to directories that already exist.

This means that if there is a directory called images in both files and newfiles that is already under version control, and inside of newfiles/images/ is a new directory called icons, running svn add * from within the files directory will NOT recursively add it as you might hope it would.

Here is a one-line command-line way to find all new / unknown files using Subversion’s status command and recursively add all of the found files to your current working copy, ready to commit.

[code]svn st | grep ? | sed ‘s/^?[\t]*//;’ | xargs svn add[/code]

This runs Subversion status, then filters the resulting list using grep to find only entries with a ? in front of them (unknown files), then pipes the resulting list through sed to remove the question mark and the leading space, then pipes the resulting set of files / directories into Subversion add using xargs, which operates on each supplied line.

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