Current Bay Area Sailing Weather / Benicia Weather Station

Our local weather station: also here:

Tides for Benicia / Carquinez Strait
Benicia Tides

Tides for Benicia / Carquinez Strait
Today’s tide times for Benicia, Carquinez Strait, California

Wind and Tides (NOAA Forecasts, current wind conditions)

Long-Range and Area Forecasts

Get an overview of the week ahead.

7-Day Forecast for San Francisco Area
Direct from NOAA

Graphical Marine Forecast from NOAA for Pacific Southwest
Includes weekly forecast for temperature, precipitation, wind direction, wind speed, etc.

Area Forecast Discussion
Textual description of current conditions and general outlook for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Weather Maps

Weather depiction, surface analysis, and forecast map show recent and forecast weather patterns, highs/lows, frontal activity, etc.

Home page for NWS Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Links to current and forecasted pressures, fronts, temperatures, and precipitation.

Latest Surface Analysis

Current Weather
Surface analysis superimposed with air temperatures.

Today’s National Weather Forecast Map

Composite Weather Map
Sea level pressure fields superimposed with IR satellite images & weather observations for the Pacific region

Jet Stream Analysis
Location and strength of jet streams overlying satellite IR image

Home Page for SFSU Composite Weather Maps
More maps of weather data overlying satellite IR and visible images.

Radar and Satellite Images

View current and incoming precipitation and weather systems

San Francisco Bay Area Radar Loop

Pacific Ocean Infrared Satellite Loop

Lightship Buoy Data

Check the realtime and recorded data at the Lightship Buoy (located 18NM West of San Francisco). Records pressure, temperature, and wind trends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Homepage for Lightship Buoy Data
Links to all related data pages

Atmospheric Pressure Data
Barometric pressure readings for last 5 days

Wind Speed Data
Wind speed readings for last 5 days

Wind Direction Data
Wind direction readings for last 5 days

Pacific Ocean Conditions

Pacific Ocean wave, wind, and temperature conditions from OceanWeather

Pacific Ocean Significant Wave Height and Wave Direction

Pacific Ocean Wind Observations

Pacific Ocean Surface Temperatures

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