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  • Disapointing ads for Superbowl

    The ads were pretty disappointing for the Superbowl this year. The game was alright, but we didn’t see any ads that really pushed any boundaries. Some funny ones, but nothing groundbreaking. Oh well. Seems to reflect the general state of the nation / economy — more in conservative mode than in heady progress. Link to […]

  • Finished reading the Manual today

    Finished reading the Manual. Kind of interesting seeing how a document written a hundred years ago is still guiding and leading a movement. Link to share this:

  • Bug Stomping

    It’s always gratifying to figure out a problem in an application and solve it. It would be very nice if IE supported .png files with transparency properly. Oh well. Link to share this:

  • Post number 2

    Working on entry for CSS competition. Man, the IE transparent png issue is just a bummer but it still looks ok, just not perfect. 🙁 mmmmm…. tasty giant background jpg graphics! Link to share this:

  • First Post

    First post using fresh WordPress 1.0.1 install for the personal weblog. Link to share this:

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