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  • Bandwidth speed test comparing DSL, Palm Treo 700p Sprint EVDO over USB and Bluetooth on a G4 Powerbook running OS X Tiger 10.4.7

    After upgrading to the latest version of USB Modem (Version 1.5 that now adds support for connection via Bluetooth for Treo 700p), I decided to do a speed test using my regular DSL connection and the two available connection methods for the Treo 700p – Bluetooth and USB. I’ve been using the USB modem connection…

  • Video clips of the stream that runs through Estes Park, Colorado

    These are clips of the stream that runs through Estes Park, Colorado where we’re staying tonight before we leave to come back to St. Louis. All videos were taken using my Treo 700p. Also, I’ve updated the Flickr picture set of our entire Colorado trip with new pics. Check it out. Kristin selling her books…

  • Pictures from our hike to Rabbit Ears

    Pictures from our hike to Rabbit Ears, originally uploaded by gserafini. Check out some pictures taken using my Treo 700p Palm cameraphone on the hike we took today to Rabbit Ears near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Link to share this:

  • Steamboat Springs from Mt. Werner

    Steamboat Springs from Mt. Werner, originally uploaded by gserafini. This is the view we had today from the top of a ski run on Mt. Werner in Steamboat Springs, CO. Check out more pics from the trip: Steamboat Springs photo set taken with my Treo 700p cameraphpone. Link to share this:

  • Reason #206 to own a Treo 700p : Be an emergency ISP

    We had a MAJOR thunderstorm rip through St. Louis yesterday that knocked out power, telephone and other services for much of the entire region. Many large trees were literally snapped in half. Tower Grove Park looks like a giant went through it with a baseball bat and started knocking down trees left and right. Reason…

  • Video of fireworks in Louisville, Kentucky from July 3rd

    Here is video I took on my Treo 700p tonight: Listen for the drunk guy praising the fact that we have nukes and that we should bomb them all near the end… Ah, what a country we live in. Link to share this:

  • How-to: Use your shiny new Treo 700p as a USB Modem for your laptop and get super-fast Sprint EVDO speeds

    If, like me, you found your new Treo 700p to be AWESOME, except for the $39.99 or $49.99 ADDITIONAL monthly charge to actually USE the Bluetooth DUN feature (that wasn’t mentioned ANYWHERE in the marketing that I saw) so that you can hook up your laptop to it and surf the internet using your phone…

  • How-to: Get your Treo 700p EXIF tags to show up in Flickr

    If you use Picture Mail or Versamail to email your pictures to Flickr (using the upload via email trick) then the EXIF tags are stripped out of the jpegs that you send. If, however, you upload your pictures using a Flickr uploading tool from your computer after syncing your Treo 700p, then the proper EXIF…

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