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Tokyoflash watches – pimpin ain’t easy – mmmmmmmm Mar 15 2004

pimpin ain't easy

Caught whiff of these awesome watches over at Tokyoflash (via Boing Boing).

I’m thinking about getting the blue-LED pimpin ain’t easy watch by Pimp.

Check it out at

Maybe I’ll have this baby around my wrist the next time you see me! ๐Ÿ™‚

AGAR – Amazon/Google Ad Replacement + HIPAAClicks HIPAA RSS feeds update Mar 15 2004

AGAR – Amazon/Google Ad Replacement

Reminder to myself to check this out further and probably add it to my bag of tricks.

And in other news, made some additional updates to HIPAA Clicks this evening. Added a help page, tabbed navigation links, and cleaned up the CSS and PHP functions some more.

Next up, adding a blog page. I’m thinking it may be an open registration one, and link to the domain. We’ll see… ๐Ÿ™‚ Also will probably add a HIPAA consultants directory.

HIPAA Clicks – HIPAA RSS Feeds

Also just added a bookstore link for the site.

War is Peace Mar 9 2004

Also in recently past events, I finally got around to reading 1984 on my Palm a while ago. I found it to be an excellently cautionary tale of the effects of government and control.




Read it online:

Donated to WordPress the other day… Mar 9 2004

I donated $40.00 to Matt, [one of] the lead developers of WordPress the other day. I saw the Paypal donate button, and had no hesitation in clicking it. It is an excellent piece of GPL software that I am all for supporting. So the other day I put my money where my thoughts were. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Matt, and all the other active developers for WordPress, for the great blogging software. There have been a lot of other projects that I’ve used, but WordPress seems to be one of the ones that is particularly resonant with my current mode of development.

Douglas Adams media archive Mar 4 2004

Index of /audio/mp3/Douglas_Adams

The Douglas Adams media archive is presented here by the groups for your enjoyment. This allso is to serve as a tribute to Mr. Adams’s great, but suddely shortened career. Those who have not heard his voice and those who know it well will both enjoy having this material available. We will miss him!

I’ve always really enjoyed the humor of Douglas Adams. From the first time I read about Arthur Dent laying down in front of the yellow bulldozers, to the account of his visiting the county records department where the file was stored in a file cabinet in a locked basement bathroom or something like that I’ve always liked it. It’s late, so that doesn’t make sense.

I did go by the name of Ned Zaphod for a while in high school. dork…

They are making a movie for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so that should be cool hopefully.

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