Software – mygosuMenu – Simple DHTML menu Apr 19 2004

I’ll probably try this DHTML menu out sometime. (Found it listed on Freshmeat.)

Software – mygosuMenu – Simple DHTML menu

A DHTML menu system.

* Development status: Stable
* Environment: Web (static)
* License: BSD (free)
* Language: English
* Operating System: OS Independent
* Programming Language: JavaScript/HTML

A simple, lightweight, fast, free and search engine friendly DHTML menu, compatible with most browsers.
It’s simple because it has been separated into three distinct abstraction layers:

* Engine layer – javascript code (menu.js)
* Presentation layer – cascading style sheets (menu.css)
* Structural layer – html (menu.html)

The code is constructed statically (div entities with properties defined in menu.css)
It’s light – it uses only 3kB of JavaScript code (tree menu 6 kB).
It’s fast – the code is small and optimized.
It’s free – it uses the BSD licence (free even for commercial use)
It has been tested with most of the key browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.11, Mozilla 1.4, Opera 7.11, Safari 1.2, Camino 0.7, Konqueror 3.2.0.
It’s search engine friendly because links are visible to search engine robots.

You can see the script in action here:

An example of tree menu: /demo/mygosumenu/X-level/menu.html
An example of 1-level top menu: /demo/mygosumenu/menu.html
An example of 1-level left menu: /demo/mygosumenu/menu-left.html

Version 1.1.0 can be downloaded here:

(if doesn’t work use the link below):

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