London Booted – A tribute to the Clash Apr 21 2004

London Booted – A tribute to the Clash

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1. Blo_up – Burnin’
2. Dunproofin’ – Bubba’s Got a Brand New Cadillac
3. Agent Lovelette – Burning Hot Jazz
4. Stevie Mac – Hateful
5. Eve Massacre – The Power of Rebelution Can’t Fail
6. Instamatic – Spanish Bombs (Over Baghdad)
7. manriki – A Good Profile
8. McSleazy – Lost Souls in the Supermarket
9. DJ Riko – Build it Up, Clamp it Down
10. Loo & Placido – What About Brixton?
11. Miss Frenchie – Fuck ’em Boyo
12. JoolsMF – Death or Glory (Zeitgeist Mix)
13. – Koka Kola (Tizer Remix)
14. Jimmi Jammes – This Girl Wants a Cheat
15. Pop Razors – 40 Lovers
16. 10000 Spoons – 4 Hoarse Men
17. E-Jitz – I’m Not Down (Hold Your Head Up)
18. Poj Masta – Rapturous Revolution
19. EzLee – Vain Mistake
The following tunes were made as bonus tracks – fit as many as you like onto your CD!
— Allen Smithee – Street Profile
— Dr Helix – Super Sharp Card Shark
— Faultside – Hysteria in Vain
— Freed – Birmingham’s Burning
— Freed – Rhythm of the Dub
— LazyTramp – Funky Guns of Brixton

Artwork from XStarBellyX
Artwork from Reverend Menagerie
CD Label by Fabulous Bastard

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  1. Dunproofin' Says:

    It’s up to you, but we’d appreciate it if you donate to one or more of the three charities suggested.

  2. Richie Deluxe Says:

    Yeah, thanks for the link – but could you possibly change it to

    This is for charity, and links really should go here rather than straight to the downloads.


  3. Gabriel Says:

    No problem. I’ve updated the link.


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