Best. Spam. EVAR.

First of all, I think that basically Yahoo!’s spam filtering could still use some definite improvements. Second of all, WHO WOULD CLICK ON THIS LINK??? This is directly quoted, the most recent spam in my Yahoo inbox. I mean it’s funny and all, but really….

Subject: Your Yahoo! ID – gserafini@yaho

D‮ae‬r Yah‮!oo‬ Mem‮reb‬,

We mu‮ts‬ c‮eh‬ck t‮ah‬t y‮uo‬r Y‮!ooha‬ ID was regi‮ets‬red by r‮ae‬l p‮oe‬ple. So, to he‮pl‬ Y‮ooha‬! pre‮tnev‬ au‮ot‬mated
regis‮art‬tions, pl‮sae‬e cli‮kc‬ on t‮sih‬ li‮kn‬ and c‮lpmo‬ete c‮do‬e ve‮oitacifir‬n p‮ecor‬ss:


T‮knah‬ you

Links to some 404’d Russian page. heh heh. 🙂

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