NASA Airplane Test Crash Video set to music

Pretty fantastic images of destruction here, set beautifully to music.

Coudal Partners

a one day contest Crash Ballet

The original NASA footage is here. Basically we asked people to edit some of it to music. The judging was based on our own personal preferences. No additional crash test dummies were injured in the judging process.

The judges were JC, AV, BB and Jason, Ryan and Matt from 37signals, MS served as the tie-breaker. The judging procedure, like most things we do, was overly-complicated and confusing but we did reach a consensus. Thanks to everyone who submitted. We’re hosting the winner and the three runnners-up. Most of the other entries are linked, but because many of the files are pretty big, it might be hit-or-miss if they’re available.

Ethan wins a Jewelboxing 20pack and everyone who entered gets a nice ‘Friends and Family’ discount if they want to purchase. That’ll teach you to sit on your hands next time we do a quick contest.

Via BoingBoing.

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