Lord Kyl’s Realm

So I was looking for the Snoop Dogg font (like on his site, www.snoopdogg.com) and came across this nice font repository. 🙂

Lord Kyl’s Realm

I am Lord Padraig MacKay of Kyle, formally residing in the Pentamere region of the fair Middle Kingdom, Northwoods Barony, but now I carry on in the Constellation Region, Barony of Sternfeld. Ye may simply call me Lord Kyl. I was the Herald of House Glendrakon in its heydays, but, alas, ’tis no more.

To the left ye’ll find the links to my free sites hosting shareware and freeware fonts and clipart, and some fair information about the heraldic arts. Also some of my artistic endeavours. If ye’re of the web mastering persuasion, ye can join my circle of friends on the webrings too.

As always on the internet, construction is still ongoing, don’t ye be surprised by a few odd links!


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