Kristin’s new private journals book – Words with Wings Jan 14 2005

Kristin just published a neat new 64 page book featuring pages from her past 10 years of journals. Check it out!

Complicated Octopus Bookstore –

Welcome to the Complicated Octopus Bookstore! Kristin Serafini has created Complicated Octopus to publish her private journals. Please visit to see more of Kristin’s journal pages & tips.

Words With Wings: The Private Journals of an Artist, Volume One

Are you a writer or an artist? Have you ever thought about keeping a journal? “Words With Wings” gives you a sneak peek into the private artistic life of Kristin Serafini, a well-known author & illustrator of 5 environmental children’s books. This book is beautifully illustrated with never-before-published pages from Kristin’s own personal illuminated journals from 1994-2004. She has included notes about how she created some of the pages, as well as a few activities that you can do to get your own journal juices flowing.

Check it out!

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  1. Holly Says:

    You did a good job when you came to BUCKINGHAM ELEMETRY SCHOOL. I love all of your books they are so cool and fasanating to look at.Got to go bye.

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