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SNAP OUT OF IT! Feb 14 2005


When will the American opposition start to ask what kind of return on investment they are getting? When will they start demanding better performance? What a waste and what a cost in broken hearts for the young, those just beginning to try and change the world. If the young are to save themselves (and us) they must refuse to be herded into a political process that is, in itself, their prison.

Even though there is evidence that Ohio was stolen, John Kerry has given up; conceded; thrown in the towel. There won’t be any lawsuits because he won’t allow it. Bush won the popular vote. If the 2000 election passed into history “as-is” it is certain that the 2004 election is zip locked. Fuggedaboudit! The people now performing that task of documenting electoral fraud in Ohio and elsewhere have safely made themselves historians and targets of lesser priority for Cheney and Rove. They are no longer activists.

There will be no successful suits over this election. The courts are rigged and lawyers are sea anchors. As I predicted a week after 9/11, every lawsuit since filed has been derailed, morphed, sidetracked or sabotaged from within. Any lawsuit over the 2004 election (assuming Kerry permitted it) would wind up in the Supreme Court. Has everyone forgotten Bill Rehnquist’s cancer or that the Neocons get to pick the next three justices?

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HOWTO: Connect Mac OS X Panther laptop to Canon MP390 multi-function printer Feb 14 2005

My brother was having problems hooking up his Powerbook to a Canon MP390 multi-function printer/scanner/fax. Here is his write-up about how to successfully print to this (PC-only) printer:

So I have a Powerbook OS 10.3.8 and I needed to print a word document and my roommate only has a Canon MP390 which only works for PC’s. Not happy with this answer, I decided to check all printers that might be similar on the network. I was happy to see that their was a printer that prints pretty darn well.

Here is how I got there.

  1. Open your MS Word document
  2. Apple P
  3. Click on the Printer Scroll Button
  4. Edit Printer List….
  5. Add Printer
  6. Find your server and choose it
  7. Choose what ever printer you have or if you can click on Printer Model
  8. Choose CANON
  9. Find: CANON BJC 7000, CUPS+Gimp-Print v4.2.5 and add it

Now, you have a printer that is very close to the MP390 and it has worked just as well for me, printing color just fine.

Hope you find this helpful


You can check his site at

Selling my old mac: Complete Macintosh G3 design workstation w/ monitor, scanner & more! Feb 13 2005

Giving Craigslist a shot with this one:

Complete Macintosh G3 design workstation w/ monitor, scanner & more!

Complete Mac OS 9.2 Graphic Design & Web Design workstation

This was my primary design workstation until I upgraded to a new Powerbook a couple of months ago and made the switch to OS X.

This is an excellent system for doing web or graphic design. The system currently has over 100 applications included, including every application you could want for doing professional-level graphic design and web design work. I will email you with a complete list of all the included software if you like. It is running the latest version of Classic OS 9.2, and is very fast. It is not recommended to load OS X on this machine (should be possible if you want to do so, but you would probalby want to upgrade the CPU.)

This has been maxxed out and represents a great value if you’re looking for a fully-equipped system running classic Mac OS 9.2.

Check out the listing and give me a shout if you’re interested. 🙂

DJ Payroll :: Bootlegs :: Remixes :: Mashups :: Bastard Pop Feb 12 2005

DJ Payroll :: Bootlegs :: Remixes :: Mashups :: Bastard Pop

DJ Payroll DJ/;/producer/;/remixer/;/bootlegger

Updates to Sandbox Feb 9 2005

Made some major improvements to the Niner Niner Sandbox this morning / evening / whatever. Upgraded to the latest nightly for WordPress, added Gravatars, a bunch of other stuff.

Check it out:

Time for bed now. 🙂

WordPress Nightly changelogs Feb 9 2005

User:RustIndy/Nightly Changelogs � WordPress Codex

Nightly Changelogs (v1.5 Beta)

Ultra-Color Corporation Feb 8 2005

We’re having Ultra-Color print out some brochure inserts for us, will see how they turn out.

Ultra-Color Corporation

Welcome to Ultra-Color!

About Us:

Ultra-Color Corporation is a full service printer specializing in full color sales literature. The Ultra-Color advantage is our dedicated staff and our full service philosophy. With in-house design and photography . . . we make buying color printing easy! No need to contact a design studio, a photographer, a color separator and finally the printer. Ultra-Color can do it all! Complete creative services: design, photography, typesetting, in-house separation and electronic pre-press . . . and we have been doing it since 1965!

Midwest Technology Journal – PHP Web Application Security: A Zero-Day Exploit Case Study Feb 8 2005

Looks like my latest article is up on Midwest Tech Journal. Check it out if you’d like to read an analysis of a zero-day PHP cross-site-scripting attack that happened on a client’s site.

Midwest Technology Journal – PHP Web Application Security: A Zero-Day Exploit Case Study

On December 29, 2004 James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team ( published a security vulnerability advisory about a web-based calendar application called php-Calendar. This is the advisory notice he posted on his website, and that was also published on the 29th of December by the network security research site (

Joone – Java Object Oriented Neural Engine Feb 6 2005

Joone – Java Object Oriented Neural Engine

About Joone

Joone is a FREE Neural Network framework to create, train and test artificial neural networks. The aim is to create a powerful environment both for enthusiastic and professional users, based on the newest Java technologies.

Joone is composed by a central engine that is the fulcrum of all applications that are developed with Joone. Joone’s neural networks can be built on a local machine, be trained on a distributed environment and run on whatever device.

Everyone can write new modules to implement new algorithms or new architectures starting from the simple components distributed with the core engine. The main idea is to create the basis to promote a zillion of AI applications that revolve around the core framework.

Download it, and enjoy!

GPL license.

More mash up / bootleg mp3s Feb 5 2005

Mark Viddler – Go Home Productions

A lot of good mashes here.

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