REBOOT STEREOPHONIC – Sweet mexican remix – Cha Cha No. 29.3.1416 Aug 25 2005

So… I THOUGHT I had found this via Boing Boing, but then, looked again, no dice. So, finally tracked it down, was driving me crazy. Not sure if they posted it and it got disappeared or what. Anyways, download, give it a listen, I find myself listening to it twice each time.


Listen to the Mexican Institute of Sound remix of Bagels and Bongos Cha Cha No. 29
(IMS, or Instituto Mexicano del Sonido (Mexican Institute of Sound), is Camilo Lara, a Mexico City based electronic musician, DJ, and EMI Mexico’s VP. of Marketing. For the past decade, Lara has been at the forefront of Mexican alternative music and a pioneer in bringing the music to worldwide audiences He has remixed artists such as Placebo, Babasonicos, Marco Antonio Solis, and Le Hammond Inferno, and has just released his debut album of Latin American sound collage, Mejico Maxico (Love Monk/Discos Buenos).

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4 Responses to “REBOOT STEREOPHONIC – Sweet mexican remix – Cha Cha No. 29.3.1416”

  1. Camilo Says:

    Im so glad you like my remix!!!

    al the best!

    Mexican institute of sound

  2. Gabriel Says:

    It is a wonderful track. I keep on listening to it over and over. 🙂

  3. abel Says:

    hola. en donde puedo comprar el disco mejico maxico.. o algun material de IMS en el DF???

  4. chispero Says:

    ¿¿ no tendran la de ” Mirando a las Muchachas ” ??

    es de este mismo grupo , Instituto Mexicano del Sonido ….

    la tendran ??

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