Find IE Memory Leaks using Drip – Download link Sep 30 2005

Using Drip, a cool little Windows app written by Joel Webber (not available on his not-available site anymore), you can see how much memory IE on Windows is leaking every time you refresh your web page. This is useful if your web application seems to slow down over time.

Still working out how you should actually fix the leaks you find, but this lets you know that they exist. 🙂

Out of Hanwell

IE Memory Leaks took the initiative to host Drip (a memory leak detector for Internet Explorer) after it was no longer unavailable through Joel Webber’s blog.

Download application: Drip-0.2.exe

Download source:

Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Noarr Says:

    You can try to find much more leaks with DPus, a free resource leak detection tool…
    Good luck, adn thanks to give an eye !

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