Ethnio – Remote Usability Software Feb 14 2006

Neat usability testing service that is well designed and seems like a pretty useful service…

Ethnio makes usability testing easy, quick, and accurate.

Ethnio is a simple moderated usability application that allows you to easily conduct usability test sessions right from your desk or anywhere you have an internet connection and a phone. It’s made by usability people, for anyone interested in conducting their own remote usability studies.

… but not cheap: $2,000 – $6,000 per month!


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  1. nate Says:

    or 28 cents per minute!! those high monthly rates or only for gigantic companies like oracle and allstate that run 20 tests per month.

  2. Gabriel Says:


    How many minutes would a typical engagement cost? One of the reasons that I didn’t counter with the the 28 cents per minute figure is that I don’t see where it says how much a typical session would cost, or how many sessions would be needed. If it’s a 10 minute session and that costs $2.80 (total) then that seems pretty reasonable (so an hour would cost $16.80), but I guess it doesn’t seem clear how it all works if you are buying minutes instead of the whole monthly plan and what exactly you get for that .28/minute, etc.

  3. nate Says:

    Great question. It usually costs about $26 per user (45 minute sessions are average), and the number of people in a study varies from 1 to 20. We have just added a cost calculator for all this – (don’t forget to super refresh).

  4. Chris Blow Says:

    FYI Ethnio is now free (!) and completely rewritten. (I’m one of the developers and just stumbled onto this post).


  5. Gabriel Says:

    Chris, that’s great to hear! Will have to check it out again.


  6. Bill B Says:

    Just doing a search on this – and SO GLAD to hear from Chris Blow…I will be checking this immediately

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