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How to activate the $Id:$ keyword on files in an existing Subversion repository Apr 27 2006

This is a quick update to my earlier post about using svn keywords:

If you have a Subversion repository already full of files, and you want to activate the $Id:$ keyword on all of them so it expands out to something like:

$Id: index.php 783 2006-04-27 06:05:24Z gserafini $

whenever you check in the file, then use this command:

find . \! -name "*\.svn*" -name "*.php" -exec svn propset svn:keywords "Id" {} \;

This finds all *.php files that are NOT in .svn directories and sets the svn keyword property on each file.

Substitute other filename extensions for the .php that you want to activate the keyword expansion on. Then commit the files and the next time you make a change it will update the $Id:$ tag.

Nerdcore Compilation CD Apr 15 2006

You can never have too much nerdcore. Looking forward to this new compilation album.

Banding together from around the globe, the most talented Nerdcore hip-hop artists who weren’t too big, busy or full of themselves are contributing tracks for this monumental event in the making. More artists are signing on daily.

Nerdcore Compilation CD

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Japanese Marble Machines Apr 9 2006

Japanese Marble Machine Video

Really neat marble machines advertising some Japanese company or something. Super cool… 🙂 When I was a kid and my dad worked at a cabinet shop for a while, they had marble machine competitions. There were some really really neat marble machines, and this video shows some other ones. Check it out.

Incredible Machines – Google Video

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OMG PONIES!!! – Neato kitten capcha that is just too cute. Apr 6 2006

Kitten capcha

KittenAuth Test

KittenAuth is a new system for human-checking that forgoes all the useless random string crap that people cannot read, and replaces the whole lot with pictures of cute animals.

The current 9*9 design displays 9 pictures and requires that the user clicks 3 pictures of kittens. The location of the kittens in the grid is random and to make things more fun the contents of the pictures changes too.

The only real problem I see with this is that some people might not know what kittens are. Then again, maybe those same kind of people would have a hard time typing in weirdly stretched and obfuscated letters present in a typical captcha anyways.

Also, this still leaves out blind users. What kind of cute audio capcha could you make to include them too?

Check it out: Kitten Auth Test

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JTF: Javascript unit Testing Farm Apr 5 2006

Here’s a neat idea – you can unit test your Javascript code on this site. Now it’s kind also a clever way for them to build a repository of Javascript code that can be commented on and rated.


Javascript is present on almost every web page on the internet today, but many of these scripts do not work properly (or at all) on certain browser and operating systems combinations. This project provides a web front-end to allow you to test your javascript scripts on different browsers and operating systems. The aim is to highlight the browser combinations that do not work.

Manual testing is a long process and more often than not prone to errors. Most major software houses run their code through automatic tests that perform the same kind of task. Why shouldn’t you test your javascript in the same way?
How does it work?

You write your javascript and insert some code to indicate a failure (or a pass) using the same functions as in JsUnit and other unit testing frameworks. Then, every time a visitor views your test case, it performs the unit test on their browser… providing information if the test fails.

The more browser combinations that visit a particular test case – the more chance you (and the rest of the community) will have of finding what browsers do not work with your code.

JTF: Javascript unit Testing Farm

Cleaning out WPMU Splogger spammers like the friendly folk and Apr 4 2006

The friendly folk who own the and domains are spammers who’ve been registering on one of my WordPress Multi-User installations and creating automated splogs (spam blogs).

I just deleted over 300 of their sites. They are like kudzu.

Things that might help if your site is getting spammed by someone like this:

  1. Block the IPs that they are using. In this case, they have been using 3 IP addresses:

    I blocked them using cPanel’s IP Block manager function, but you could also do it with an Apache .htaccess file.

  2. Delete all the spam blogs that have been created. Go to Site Admin > Blogs to delete them.
  3. Delete all the users that now have no blogs associated and that have the common spammer email address.

You have to kill splogs dead. This is a major issue for people who run WordPress MU installations.

I just got a new server… I just got a new server… Apr 4 2006

Dell PowerEdge SC430

Yay, I just ordered a new Dell server. It was very satisfying, especially getting the RAID-1 with dual 160GB SATA drives. I’ve always wanted that type of setup, seemed like it always cost about $2,000 at least. Fun times we live in that you can now get that sweet rig for only $670 total. Yay! 🙂

Dell PowerEdge SC430

Check out these sweet deals on Dell Small Business servers. I just purchased the PowerEdge SC430 with an upgrade to dual 160 GB RAID-1 SATA drives for a total of $670.18, including shipping.

Find more special prices on Dell servers at DealSneak: Sweet deals on Dell Dual-Core and Xeon Servers – Expires April 5, 2006 | Dealsneak

Gabriel’s Photoshop Actions Apr 2 2006

Download Gabriel's Photoshop Actions

These are the Photoshop actions that I like to use that I’ve built over the years to automate constantly repetitive actions in Photoshop.

Download actions: Gabriel’s Photoshop Actions


DSC_0275 Apr 2 2006

DSC_0275, originally uploaded by gserafini.

Pictures are up on the Flickr photostream of our trip to Fairbanks to visit Michael. This is one of my favorites from the trip.

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