OMG PONIES!!! – Neato kitten capcha that is just too cute.

Kitten capcha

KittenAuth Test

KittenAuth is a new system for human-checking that forgoes all the useless random string crap that people cannot read, and replaces the whole lot with pictures of cute animals.

The current 9*9 design displays 9 pictures and requires that the user clicks 3 pictures of kittens. The location of the kittens in the grid is random and to make things more fun the contents of the pictures changes too.

The only real problem I see with this is that some people might not know what kittens are. Then again, maybe those same kind of people would have a hard time typing in weirdly stretched and obfuscated letters present in a typical captcha anyways.

Also, this still leaves out blind users. What kind of cute audio capcha could you make to include them too?

Check it out: Kitten Auth Test

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