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About to leave for Andy and Val’s wedding for 5 days Oct 11 2006

3:08 AM and waking up soon...

In exactly 2 hours we’ll be getting up from our short nap to leave for Connecticut for my brother Andy and his fiancee Val’s wedding on Saturday.

In other news, the entire downstairs of our house is getting the oak floors refinished (mostly due to the patched new kitchen floor and the flooring guy’s desire to do it now instead of later). This means, among other things, that _everything_ that was downstairs is now either upstairs, in the basement, or in the garage. Everything. It also means that Kuma and the cats will be staying with Ben and Ammo while we’re gone. The fish are in the garage.

It’s been a long couple of days leading up to now.

Now to charge the iPod and the Treo for our flights to CT. Adios.

Developing with Bubbles – Put web content into the Windows Toolbar Oct 9 2006

Developing with Bubbles

Bubbles is a desktop application that allows you to work with your web resources in the way you want to work with them.

Interesting. May want to see if this would be useful for Collabofit

Unix command – how to view processes, their parents, and how much time they’re taking Oct 6 2006

Want to know what’s going on on your server, and top isn’t telling you enough?

Try this:

ps -aufx

This will show you a process listing of all processes, their command lines and their parents. Pretty handy.

Browser-Based Authentication – use the Yahoo! user authentication API for your own web application Oct 2 2006

Very interesting… 🙂

Browser-Based Authentication

You build great web applications. We have millions of users who store their data on Yahoo!. Browser-Based Authentication (BBAuth) makes it possible for your applications to use that data (with their permission).

BBAuth also offers a Single Sign-On (SSO) facility so that existing Yahoo! users can use your services without having to complete yet another registration process.

Browser-Based Authentication

(via Dave)

President George W. Bush – Worst President Ever. Oct 1 2006


On October 5, let the world know that you care about what’s happening. Do something about this.

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