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Online Pharmacy Nov 30 2006

This site provides information about online pharmacies but doesn’t sell any drugs.

This site is about online pharmacies and shares information about the drugs that people can buy online. We are interested in learning about unsafe online pharmacy stories as well as people’s successes with ordering medications over the Internet.

Online Pharmacy

The graph that we hope to be on someday… Sep 14 2006

This is an Alexa traffic graph showing quantity of traffic, comparing a number of fitness related sites:

Alexa graph

Not surprisingly, Collabofit isn’t even on the chart yet. Well, with only 26 members and an invite-only system so far, we’re not too worried about it. I’ll check back in a couple of months and see how we’re doing then… 🙂

New features for Collabofit: RSS feeds for every activity + 3 new fitness activities Sep 14 2006

We just added some new features to Collabofit that are pretty exciting:

Collabofit enter stats page - Sledgehammer

  • RSS feeds for each activity
  • 3 new activities (including my most recent favorite activity, Sledgehammer)
  • Team manager badges
  • and more…

Check it out: RSS feeds for every activity are now live (+ 3 new fitness activities!)

P.S. If you would like to start tracking your own fitness hit-points, let me know. I can probably hook you up with an invite.

Submitted a tile for Collabofit to Sep 5 2006

There are still some free blocks left. I actually like what this clever Australian is doing, lots of opportunity for creativity here.

Collabofit - Your online fitness club

I submitted a floor advertising Collabofit – Your online fitness club which is now in an actually usable state, for basic fitness stats entries. We’ll see how it looks in the tower.

Check it out: pixTower – Pixel Advertising at its Finest – Move into the (soon to be) World’s Tallest Virtual Tower TODAY!

Just ordered new business cards from Jun 6 2006

Just ordered some neato business cards for Katanaa from I think their pricing is better than Vistaprint and they can also do rounded corners. The overall buying experience was nicer as well, making it just really easy.

Our new Katanaa business cards

Update: the cards arrived and they’re really really great. Nice and heavy with the free aqueous coating on both sides. Slick and glossy. We all like them quite a bit.

HARVEST – Simple time tracking, powerful reporting. Jun 4 2006

Harvest is a very nice looking Web 2.0 looking time-tracking app that seems like it would probably be very good for small web design shops.

Harvest screenshot

HARVEST brings simplicity back to time tracking. Quick to set up and easy to use, it provides you with insights on how your organization is spending its time.
Take a quick tour �

HARVEST – Simple time tracking, powerful reporting.

Purchase signed copies of Letters to Mozart and save $5.00 – pre-show special! May 31 2006

Letters to Mozart book


Purchase an autographed copy of Letters to Mozart and save $5.00!

Order directly from the author and get FREE personalized inscription – great for gifts and collecting!

Order signed copies of Kristin’s latest book here: Letters to Mozart Shoppe

You can also order the book directly from for $39.99 + shipping.

My Last Day at Vibe Solutions Group, moving on with my own business! May 23 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006 was my last day as an employee of Vibe Solutions Group. I had a great time working there, and I’m very excited and proud of what we accomplished during my time there during the 6 years I worked with that group of people. Our recent launch of Vibe Journal and the work we did with video mail was pretty wonderful.

Even more exciting, however, is the opportunity to move forward full-time with my own business, continuing to design web pages and custom web applications. Hopefully this will mean that I can write more, spend more time with my family, travel more, and in general focus 100% on building the best business I can. I’m encouraged by the great team that we’ve been developing, including Ben, Ammo and a number of other cool folks who help out as needed. Onward and upward!

PodcastAds – Buy this great podcasting domain May 6 2006

I decided to offer for sale: has been live since October 19, 2004. The current Google Page Rank for our home page is PR 5. Our traffic has steadily been increasing with almost zero marketing. This domain is uniquely primed for success.

Read the details of the offer: domain for sale

I just got a new server… I just got a new server… Apr 4 2006

Dell PowerEdge SC430

Yay, I just ordered a new Dell server. It was very satisfying, especially getting the RAID-1 with dual 160GB SATA drives. I’ve always wanted that type of setup, seemed like it always cost about $2,000 at least. Fun times we live in that you can now get that sweet rig for only $670 total. Yay! 🙂

Dell PowerEdge SC430

Check out these sweet deals on Dell Small Business servers. I just purchased the PowerEdge SC430 with an upgrade to dual 160 GB RAID-1 SATA drives for a total of $670.18, including shipping.

Find more special prices on Dell servers at DealSneak: Sweet deals on Dell Dual-Core and Xeon Servers – Expires April 5, 2006 | Dealsneak

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