Just ordered new business cards from OverNightPrints.com

Just ordered some neato business cards for Katanaa from OvernightPrints.com. I think their pricing is better than Vistaprint and they can also do rounded corners. The overall buying experience was nicer as well, making it just really easy.

Our new Katanaa business cards

Update: the cards arrived and they’re really really great. Nice and heavy with the free aqueous coating on both sides. Slick and glossy. We all like them quite a bit.

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  1. PME does a fine job of digital printing. However, digital printing on a Xerox iGen is limited to 600 dpi, and the ink is layed on top of the paper stock causing a waxy appearance and feel.

    Check out http://www.OvernightPrints.com. Everything is printed on offset presses, which are capable of 4800 dpi. With offset printing, the ink is crushed into the card stock, leaving a much smoother surface, more vivid colors, and photo-quality images.

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