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How to help the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica get $1,000 for $10 right now. Jan 4 2008

Monteverde Conservation League, U.S.

It’s super simple: Click this link, then join the Facebook Causes group for Monteverde Conservation League and donate any amount.

Right now, if we can get another 7 donors in the next 22 hours the Children’s Eternal Rainforest will get $1,000 for free. So your tax-deductible $10 donation could help save another $1,000 worth of rainforest in Costa Rica.

Check it out, and give a little if you can:
Join the Children’s Eternal Rainforest cause on Facebook

Selling 12″ Powerbook G4 keyboard for parts [SOLD!] Dec 8 2007

Powerbook keyboard parts

We just replaced Kristin’s laptop’s keyboard since the up, down, right shift and enter keys don’t work anymore.

I listed the keyboard on eBay, so go there and bid on it if you’re interested in it for the parts.


Check out the eBay Listing: Apple 12″ PowerBook G4 Keyboard Keys (Full Set) NR!

2:15 AM self portrait Dec 6 2007

Time for bed now.

Just ordered a new mattress for the guest room Oct 31 2007

Elegance Plush Top - Made right here in St. Louis

Just ordered a new mattress for the trundle bed in the guest room from a manufacturer that is about 2 miles away. I didn’t even know they made that kind of thing locally anymore. So I placed the order this morning, and it will be constructed and delivered this afternoon. Sweet!

Elite Mattress

We’re All Right. Oct 29 2007

This is lovely.

From WereAllRight. Thank you.

Tuckpointing St. Louis Oct 19 2007

If you need some tuckpointing or stone masonry repair work done in the St. Louis area, I recommend you contact Percy Griffin at (314) 353-7620. He’s been doing work on our house, and has been doing a really nice job of filling the holes and cracks in our foundation and brickwork.

He’s been going through some tough times lately in the financial department, so he’s eager for work and willing to offer very good rates on expert level stonemasonry / bricklaying / repair / tuckpointing work. He can also do plumbing or electrical work.

Master tuckpointer / bricklayer / stonemason available immediately

Serafini Studios Kitchen – Welcome to the kitchen. Sep 27 2007

Screenshot of the Serafini Studios Kitchen website

Our kitchen now has a website (using WordPress of course). Lots more content to come soon, including the secret story of how the river came to be, the inspiration behind the pipes and the amazing triumph of getting everything finally finished.

Visit the site: Serafini Studios Kitchen – Welcome to the kitchen.

Benton Sheet Metal did a great job with our kitchen range hood metalwork – Probably the best Sheet Metal Fabricators in St. Louis Sep 14 2007

Benton Sheet Metal - Metal Fabricators in St. Louis, MO

When we came up with the final design for our kitchen range hood, we did a fair amount of research into finding someone in St. Louis who could build what we had designed. Eric called lots of people, and kept on getting recommendations to talk with Ron over at Benton Sheet Metal. Eric got in touch with him, and explained the job. Once we delivered final drawings, work got underway.

Our copper pipes kitchen range hood done and delivered!

The final product came out so excellent. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I would recommend using Benton Sheet Metal for any sheet metal fabrication work you ever need to have done. They do work for people all over the country.

Our copper pipes kitchen range hood done and delivered! Serafini_Range_Hood_isometric_exploded

They don’t have a website (yet) however. Most of their work comes through word of mouth.

Here’s their contact info if you ever need some work done:

Benton Sheet Metal
2519 S. Jefferson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63104-2307

Phone: (314) 771-4647
Fax: (314) 771-9524

Car Wallpapers Jul 2 2007

Pagani Zondar

Bruce’s project is starting to really flesh out nicely. If you’re looking for some sexy exotic car wallpapers, check out

My contribution to the retirement gift for Glen and Judy Felch May 17 2007

I had the pleasure of being a student under both Glen and Judy Felch at Principia College during my Studio Art BA program (1994-1998). As part of their retirement, the Art department is organizing a gift, whereby students and alumni are being invited to contribute a 4″ square piece of artwork that will be mounted on a square block. This is my piece, which shows the pen, notebook and computer that has led to my career as a designer.

In 1996 Judy Felch gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since. She said, “You should do something with computers and your art.” At the time, all I could imagine was doing something maybe with video games, or Macromedia Director CD-ROMs. The Web was still in its infancy. Shortly after receiving this advice, I typed this into Yahoo’s search box (this was pre-Google): “HTML tutorial”. I read through one the first night, then the next night went through another and actually built my first web page. I trace my subsequent career as a web and user interface designer directly to that excellent advice.

When I first decided to be an art major, I didn’t think that there was anything that I would be able to use my degree for to make any money. I decided to do what I enjoyed the most, however, and I’m happy to say that by embracing not only analog but also digital art I’ve been blessed with a very satisfying and financially rewarding career.

I am very grateful to the Felches, and wish them all the very best as they retire and focus on their own fine-art careers. They are both outstanding teachers, and I am very proud to call them friends.

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