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  • Workaround for 200 domain limit in WHM / cPanel AutoSSL

    We run a number of WordPress Multisite installations on our dedicated server for a variety of clients.  Our largest installation, for Share the Practice, currently consists of 88 individual WordPress sites.  A number of these sites use sub-domains, but for most of them we map custom domain URLs onto the main WordPress Multisite installation. WHM […]

  • Racing to Hawaii on Express 37 Limitless for 2016 Pacific Cup!

    I’m really excited to be participating in the 2016 Pacific Cup.  It’s a sailboat race from San Francisco to Hawaii that takes place every 2 years and is on many racer’s bucket lists of races they might like to do someday.  I am very fortunate to have found a skipper (Shawn Ivie) and boat (Limitless) that […]

  • Tackling tough things – November 2015 update

    Tackling tough things – November 2015 update

    For the past month I’ve been doing some serious self-examination.  Some things I’ve been considering: In the majority of my past romantic relationships for the past 20 years, seeing a recurring pattern in myself of adapting to try to be the person that I thought (for whatever reason) would be the “right” person for the other […]

  • 2013 Three Bridge Fiasco – Successfully finished!!!

    2013 Three Bridge Fiasco – Successfully finished!!!

    This was my first time doing the Three Bridge Fiasco race — a single or double-handed race around 3 marks in the Bay: Blackaller Buoy near the Golden Gate Bridge, Treasure Island (Bay Bridge) and Red Rock (Richmond Bridge).  Jason and I did the race on his Cal 29 “TNT” and it was outstanding.  We […]

  • How to find an excellent local coffee shop for getting work done

    How to find an excellent local coffee shop for getting work done

    As a web designer who owns my own business, I have the option of working anywhere I can get a good Internet connection and mobile phone coverage. For a while I’ve been exploring different coffee shops / cafes in the East Bay and have discovered a couple of good indicators to tell you if it […]

  • A Lovely Walk Today

    I enjoyed a lovely walk today. I’m house-sitting with my girlfriend and while she was at work helping customers with getting water turned on or turned off, I took a quiet day to reflect, enjoy the brisk weather and have a lovely walk. Link to share this:

  • How to survive the shortest day of the year

    Tomorrow, December 21st is the winter solstice — the shortest day of the year. These are dark times… literally. We get smaller amounts of sunlight each day. Sometimes I forget to see what the world has to offer. When this happens I try to put my head out the window, and look up. How to […]

  • What I do is who I am

    What constitutes our authentic selves?  Who are we truly?  What is our real purpose? I try to be honest.  I do not like it when people lie to me, and my basic assumption in life is that people will not lie to me.  I choose to, in general, be a trusting person.  Finding our truly […]

  • Learning to Listen

    Sometimes when I am trying to hear what someone is really saying it feels like I’m staring at a blank wall, not seeing (hearing) what is really there or being said. The problem is I’m not really listening. To listen is to pay attention. To really listen, we must stop thinking, planning, pondering, wandering. It […]

  • Value and Valor – Bringing your A Game

    It’s the end of 2012, and I’ve been thinking about the idea of creating value lately. What makes something valuable, what makes it good, what makes anything worth having? What makes a person valuable and worth having as a friend? If someone behaves in a way that is considered valuable, especially in the context of […]

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