How to survive the shortest day of the year

Tomorrow, December 21st is the winter solstice — the shortest day of the year. These are dark times… literally. We get smaller amounts of sunlight each day. Sometimes I forget to see what the world has to offer. When this happens I try to put my head out the window, and look up.

How to survive this moment in time:

  1. Look outside.
  2. If the sky is grey, rejoice in how wonderfully, powerfully grey it is. If it is sunny blue, smile and marvel that you get to enjoy this. If it is raining, be glad for the wet nourishment of the earth. If you have snow coming down on your eyelids, open your mouth wide and taste the frozen sensation of sky particles falling to earth. If you have wind, feel it blow your hair and the pressure on your skin. If you have fog, then marvel at the world as it resolves and dissolves around you.

Realize that tomorrow, and today, and the day after the next, it all is here to be enjoyed, if we can just see it for what it is. After tomorrow, the days will once again get interestingly longer bit by bit until it’s time to switch gears again.

Claim your path, take time to appreciate the view, and walk it, one step at a time. You can do it!

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