Category: Open Source

  • Cross-platform WordPress CSS

    I’ll probably try to still work on the template so that it does work for IE some more and try to submit it for the WordPress CSS competition. Update: Didn’t submit the CSS. Missed the deadline. Oh well, never got around to doing the PC-IE compatible transparent backgrounds. I may still submit if we begin…

  • Changed background for the skin

    Changed the background for the skin to another picture. So far I’m liking the big background pic w/ the text on top and translucent pngs. It would be cool to integrate a Gallery function to auto select a picture and “set as background” for the blog. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Link to share…

  • Howto: iptables + SSL + Apache 2

    It took a bit of searching to finally figure out the right process for getting SSL running properly for Apache. I’ve used it before, of course, but hadn’t personally set it up myself yet. Here is how to take a stock Red Hat 9 installation that has been updated with the latest patches and allow…

  • To do for this install of WordPress

    Add top navs, motto Add in Gallery See about integrating between Gallery and WordPress Fix login box (disapears off top of screen in mac IE) Request return of Preview funcitonality Image upload default on simple post view Thats all for now. Link to share this:

  • Screenshot of how this site should look in non IE browsers

    Due to the problem that IE has with displaying transparent .pngs correctly, here is a screenshot of how this site should look in Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, Mac IE: Time for bed. Link to share this:

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