Category: Open Source

  • Gunther (PHP Website Builder)

    Gunther (PHP Website Builder) Gunther aims at a different target-market than most existing content management systems. Gunther is for those who want an instantly accessible tool to build small to medium sized websites and may want to provide others (clients, customers or friends) with an easily editable website. Gunther strives to provide the user with…

  • Software – mygosuMenu – Simple DHTML menu

    I’ll probably try this DHTML menu out sometime. (Found it listed on Freshmeat.) Software – mygosuMenu – Simple DHTML menu mygosuMenu A DHTML menu system. * Development status: Stable * Environment: Web (static) * License: BSD (free) * Language: English * Operating System: OS Independent * Programming Language: JavaScript/HTML A simple, lightweight, fast, free and…

  • Metasploit and Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB)

    This is the Metasploit Project. The goal is to provide useful information to people who perform penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research. This site was created to fill the gaps in the information publicly available on various exploitation techniques and to create a useful resource for exploit developers. The tools and information on…

  • Reflexive CMS – PHP CMS

    To check out further. Link to share this:

  • Doxygen

    Doyxgen GPL documentation generator, makes HTML, man pages, LATEX, etc… Link to share this:

  • phpaga: Overview

    phpaga: Overview PHP based invoicing system. Will see if it can play nicely with Netoffice. Later. Link to share this:

  • R&OS: pdf class

    R&OS: pdf class Nice PDF class for PHP. Used in phpaga project. Link to share this:

  • Creative Commons Directory

    Here’s a link to a directory filled with Creative Commons licensed content. They currently have 1391 records of available content. Link to share this:

  • Donated to WordPress the other day…

    I donated $40.00 to Matt, [one of] the lead developers of WordPress the other day. I saw the Paypal donate button, and had no hesitation in clicking it. It is an excellent piece of GPL software that I am all for supporting. So the other day I put my money where my thoughts were. 🙂…

  • Running Bastille Linux

    Harden your Linux box with Bastille Linux. This nifty application not only helps you harden your system but it also helps you understand exactly why it takes the steps it takes. Link to share this:

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