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  • Memories of Spring

    02 Originally uploaded by gserafini. Now that it’s rapidly turning into fall here in St. Louis, was just uploading some pics to flickr and came across this one of the cherry blossoms in spring in Tower Grove Park. Link to share this:

  • Live, from Arts for the Soul in Steamboat Springs, CO

    Just got back from a really neat concert at the Ore House for Arts for the Soul. Musicians playing: John Sant’Ambrosio, Dmitri Pogorelov, Jane Price and Paul Reynolds. They played a neat program of late Beethoven, including a selection from his last composed piece. Short video from rehearsal: MOV04512.MPG Audio clip from the rehearsal: 20050903_Rehearsal_at_Arts_for_the_Soul.mp3…

  • Another good workout…

    Another good workout. Did a 2.25 mile run / jog in 30 minutes, a bunch of arm reps with the 10lb dumbells and some crunches on the crunchy-crunch machine. Weigh-in: 216.5lb Link to share this:

  • WordPress BMI (Body Mass Index) tracker plugin

    Thinking about writing a Fitness Tracker plugin for WordPress, featuring BMI (Body Mass Index) data, Last Weigh-in, Last Workout Date, and other motivational information to help you keep getting fit in mind. This plugin would allow you to easily track your current BMI based on periodic weigh-ins and recording the results in a weigh-in post.…

  • Best Niner Niner posts from this week

    Has Sony ‘patented an idea for transmitting data directly into the brain’? Scary. Luckily Chris Bunting of Thumb Gods is keeping an eye on them for us. Unless, of course, this is all just a simulated Sony version of reality that we’re living in right now. For techies: Prototype – an Object-Oriented JavaScript library (disclaimer:…

  • New Haircut

    Something about shave and a haircut for 2 bits. Well as long as 2 bits = $50 at Malia with an awesome cut by Lisa. A new haircut for a new month. Happy April! Link to share this:

  • Ben – here it is

    ec0e4e977b38ccd73fe2d5d1d9f260b8 Link to share this:

  • Relatively Absolute: Simple PHP Gallery

    Saw this linked in a WordPress support forum post. May bear some investigation. Relatively Absolute: Simple PHP Gallery Features Simple PHP Gallery is a gallery management system designed to tackle small- to medium-size galleries with a minimum of hassle. While SPG sacrifices a few of the bells and whistles of other gallery systems in favor…

  • Artwork

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  • Gallery now online featuring Diddlebug drawings

    Got Gallery finally installed for this blog. So far I’ve added an album for my drawings made using my Palm pda/phone Samsung i330. Check them out! P.S. I used XnView (found via to convert the Diddlebug pictures (extracted using Windlebug) from .bmp format to .gif format, suitable for posting to the Gallery. All…

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