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  • St. Louis Windstorm 7/19/06 – a photoset on Flickr

    These are pictures of the aftermath of the giant wind storm that left an estimated 450k citizens over 500,000 (including ourselves) without power in St. Louis and the surrounding region. These were all taken within walking distance of our house. All pictures were taken using my Treo 700p. This particular picture is of a tree…

  • How-to: Get your Treo 700p EXIF tags to show up in Flickr

    If you use Picture Mail or Versamail to email your pictures to Flickr (using the upload via email trick) then the EXIF tags are stripped out of the jpegs that you send. If, however, you upload your pictures using a Flickr uploading tool from your computer after syncing your Treo 700p, then the proper EXIF…

  • Upgraded to Flickr Pro today

    Finally got tired of the whole, wait for the new month to begin, then upload some pics, then wait for the next month routine. I do really really like Flickr, and for a while my hesitation was that Yahoo would either make Pro accounts free, or that they would bundle it in with other premium…

  • moody sky

    DSC04573.JPG, originally uploaded by gserafini. Working with Tomcat, apache, mod_jk, mod_rewrite, .htaccess, httpd.conf today leaves me feeling like this. Link to share this:

  • Hello from plogit again

    Another test post from the i330. Apparently after Sept. 22 they discontinued Blazer 2 web browser service. Got a prompt to register for new one. I’m hoping that it is a free upgrade. Link to share this:

  • Another test post from Flock, some mossy rocks.

    This is another test post from Flock.  So far it seems pretty cool.  Just tried the drag photo from your own Flickr account and it’s pretty sweet, I have to say.  So, with that, why don’t you start your day with some mossy rocks… 🙂 Technorati Tags: moss, flock, gabriel, rocks, flickr, pictures Link to…

  • Testing posting from flock

    Just testing posting from within flock.  Developer preview, w00t. Technorati Tags: flock, developer preview Link to share this:

  • The picture that is in the header right now

    DSC00538, originally uploaded by gserafini. People have asked me about the header picture. This is where the graphic came from. Link to share this:

  • Blog this from Flickr

    Hmm, so I hadn’t set up blog this from within Flickr. Basically it allows automatic posting of pictures from flickr directly into your blog. Flippin sweet! Link to share this:

  • My shadow

    My shadow, originally uploaded by gserafini. This got favorited within 2 minutes of my posting. Crazy. 🙂 Link to share this:

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