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  • Using GeoIP.dat and Apache on cPanel / WHM to block 75,000+ attacks on wp-login.php in one day

    After yet another brute-force attack on our servers hosting WordPress sites today I finally decided it was time to take some drastic action.  There are a number of different approaches you can take, this is what I did to block literally over 75,000 attacks against wp-login.php today. Step 1: Install the GeoIP database and Apache module Step…

  • Value and Valor – Bringing your A Game

    It’s the end of 2012, and I’ve been thinking about the idea of creating value lately. What makes something valuable, what makes it good, what makes anything worth having? What makes a person valuable and worth having as a friend? If someone behaves in a way that is considered valuable, especially in the context of…

  • Webelos Scout Dropout

    When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I joined the Boy Scouts. Except it wasn’t Boy Scouts for me, no, it was Webelos Scouts, since that was the appropriate group for my age at the time. I hadn’t been a Cub Scout, but did like the idea very much of camping, friendship, outdoor activities,…

  • Last minute Mother’s Day present – donate to Mother’s Grove in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest

    If you haven’t gotten your mom something yet, consider donating to the new Mother’s Grove in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest… Click here to donate now Link to share this:

  • Vogon Poetry is now available in the App Store!

    I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of our Vogon Poetry application for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get it in the App Store for $2.99. Click here to check it out! Link to share this:

  • How to: Get rid of widows in your WordPress posts with Widon’t plugin

    I was just working on making some updates to the backend WordPress code for the Principia Pilot website ( and noticed widows in some of the stories. Widows are the typographic term for a single word on a line at the end of a paragraph. I thought about the solution to this problem (basically add…

  • How to file a DBA (Doing Business As / Registration of Fictitious Name) in Missouri for $7.00

    Now we’re cookin! 🙂 It’s surprisingly simple to get a Fictitious Name registered in Missouri, and it only happens to cost $7.00. Simply click here: Missouri Registration of Fictitious Name and then fill out two simple online forms (takes about 1 minute), submit your credit card info for $7.00 and you’ll get an immediate confirmation…

  • New site design is live (also upgraded to the latest version of WordPress – 2.5)

    In preparation for upgrading a whole mess of sites to using the latest version of WordPress I decided it was time to finally upgrade my own site and to implement the new design I’d been working on for a while (for over a year now). Check it out: Link to share this:

  • “Down for Maintenance” screen

    Today, as we were working on speeding up SQL queries and also repairing the database, I had the opportunity to make a quick little "down for maintenance" screen. The boy is Jackson, my friend Damon’s kid. Thankfully the server wasn’t down for too long, and it’s running well now. Link to share this:

  • How to help the Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica get $1,000 for $10 right now.

    It’s super simple: Click this link, then join the Facebook Causes group for Monteverde Conservation League and donate any amount. Right now, if we can get another 7 donors in the next 22 hours the Children’s Eternal Rainforest will get $1,000 for free. So your tax-deductible $10 donation could help save another $1,000 worth of…

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