Just placed my order for 2 pairs of Blackspot sneakers from Adbusters


Blackspot Sneaker

Be part of the experiment in grassroots capitalism.
No more hype.
No more sweatshops.
No more corporate cool.
Step into blackspot sneakers and kick Nike’s ass.
(Organic hemp, 100% vegan, hand-drawn anti-logo.)

USD $47.50
Plus shipping: $13.50

So, I blogged about these before, and now finally placed an order. I think originally they weren’t shipping yet. Anyways, was just looking through some of my previous archived posts and noticed this again, and whammo, shoes made in Portugal by well-paid friendly shoe-makers on the way. I’ll write them up when they arrive (in 3-5 weeks, apparently…) 🙂

And, feel free to leave a comment if you have a pair, or have seen them, or whatever.

Order your pair here.


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