21 Rules of Thumb — How Microsoft develops its Software

This was interesting to read right now, since we’re hoping to push a new release of Collabofit later today.

21 Rules of Thumb for Shipping Great Software on Time

Jim McCarthy, Microsoft Corporation

Shipping great software on time is a difficult but not impossible task. Elements you think would count the most count for very little. Development methodology, process, technical prowess, excellence of tools and depth of project management skills all influence the outcome of a software development project; but nothing indicates success as much as the manager’s ability to focus on a few critical and conceptually simple things. These things can be expressed as rules of thumb.

I enumerate twenty-one of these rules of thumb. Pick a handful (or so), apply them, and your project will be more likely to succeed. I lump them into three groups: “Shipping,” “Great Software,” “On Time”. Duh. I cover them in a different order, because the concepts build a bit.

Some good stuff there for sure.

Read the article: David Gristwood’s Blog : 21 Rules of Thumb — How Microsoft develops its Software

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