Election results

Looking like we’ll most likely have another 4 years of Bush and Co. If nothing else, perhaps this election season and results demonstrates that basically the Republicans are better politicians than Democrats. Was there cheatin’, lyin’, stealin’, repressin’ going on? I’m sure of it. And I’m sure that it probably happened on both sides. But at the end of the day, the Republicans are, forgive me, putting a W up on their side. Democrats, hang that L on your side. And ponder, please, how not only losing the Presidency (again) to the Republicans, but also losing additional House and Senate seats, how are you going to ever get anything done? You are now, officially, completely in the minority. The fringe. The Republicans just ate your lunch. They’ve got your milk money. Oh yeah, and they are definitely going to be assigning at least one new Supreme Court Justice. So when they decide to make it illegal for any woman to get an abortion for any reason, it is because you, the Democrats, are sucking as politicians. When they decide to spend another TRILLION dollars on war mongering and imperialism, it is you who did not come up with the right message to win. We counted on you to be the party with the best chance of making a difference. We spoke of putting the fire out that was burning the house up before we tried to rebuild the house. Now, apparently, we’ve decided to let it burn for another four years. Burn baby burn. Because everything is now in the control of people who I don’t agree with and didn’t vote for, I have no problem accepting the results. I just blame both parties, but probably mostly the Democrats, because they didn’t win. And they should have known the game by now. And to the extent that they did know the game, and simply failed at playing it, shame. To the extent that the Republicans might very well have won this election because their friends and suporters at Diebold added a couple thousand votes for their man here, a couple thousand there, well shame on them for sure as well. But, in the end, the Democrats let it happen.

Obviously, CNN hasn’t yet “called it” for Bush. NPR is saying it’s basically his. And I think it is going to work out that way. Because, as my friend Kevin was saying, as the saying goes, the politician with the most turds left in his bucket is the loser. In this case, I think we are the losers, the world at large is the loser, and yay for capitalistic, selfish and fat, Geneva Convention-tossing America. Welcome to four more years of Bush Incorporated.

Update: Kerry calls to concede. So it’s official now.

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