B E L L A C I A O – Too many voting “irregularities” to be coincidence –

Lots of good charts here showing the differences between the exit polls and the machine tabluations.

B E L L A C I A O – Too many voting “irregularities” to be coincidence –

Isn’t it strange that all of these “anomalies” in the exit polls and touchscreen machines always seem to favor Bush? There were many similar reports after the 2002 congressional elections, when the Republicans took control of Congress (which the evil cabal needed to prevent a real 911 investigation and to start the war free of consequences).

So if you were a detective and this was the circumstantial evidence… would you conclude that absolutely, positively beyond doubt there was no fraud in this election? Of course not, there’s definitely some funny business going on here…. so why did Mr. “Help is on the way” Kerry give up so quickly?

Greg Palast notes that Kerry was down by 136,000 votes with 247,000 ballots still uncounted. Consider that most of these provisional ballots and undervotes are from minority precincts where Republicans sent their “vote challengers”. Supposedly they were trying to prevent unregistered voters from voting, but they actually just caused huge delays in poor neighborhoods. People were waiting in line for 5-6 hours, in pouring rain just to vote… I wonder how many left after two or three hours.

I recall Kerry frequently saying that this was the most important election of our lifetime. What happened to make him change his mind and just give up like that? We _know_ Bush is a liar, and now we’re supposed to just trust Diebold and the Republican henchman Blackwell were honest? No, they haven’t earned any trust.

Why didn’t Kerry put up a fight? That in my mind is the most damning evidence proving this was staged election. Why wasn’t Kerry concerned about the Diebold CEO “committed to delivering” votes to Bush? Why wasn’t he demanding a fair and transparent election process all year long? Why wasn’t he concerned with the private corporations controlling our voting process? Millions of regular Americans knew of the potential for fraud, computer security experts have testified that this system is so open to fraud it’s insane that anyone would even suggest it’s secure, but Kerry and the Democrats never considered demanding a paper trail? What are they, stupid? Or corrupt?

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