WordPress Ajax inline editing plugin Mar 25 2005

Downloading this plugin right now to test. Really, really cool.

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Current features include:

* Degradable AJAX scripting – will function as a regular edit link if JavaScript is turned off or disabled.
* Allows you to not only edit the content and title, but also the Excerpt.
* Allows you to easily turn comments and pings on or off.

Cross-posting this also on Ajax Blog.

Update: OK, so this is REALLY REALLY cool. Edit in place is the future. Editing this right now in the published interface. Could definitely use some additional polish, but really neat.

2 Responses to “WordPress Ajax inline editing plugin”

  1. Gregory Wild-Smith Says:

    Suggestions for additional polish welcome! 🙂

    I’m glad you liked it. Post up some suggestions in the comments, I’m taking note of all of them.

  2. otama Says:

    Sweet 😀

    I’ve just installed it, i love it!!!
    ajax is great 🙂

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