Sparkline PHP Graphing Library

This may come in handy for our work on Collabofit.

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Sparkline PHP Graphing Library

We aim to increase the adoption of sparklines on the web by providing a high-quality PHP sparkline library with the following properties:

* Flexible – While Sparkline is not a general-purpose graphing library, we do provide a wide range of options how your graphs are rendered. Version 0.1 supports line and bar modes, which allow for simple line, filled line, bar, and whisker graphs.
* Elegant – It’s important that sparklines are visually appealing, especially in the restricted visual environment of the web. Web sparklines should approach as closely as possible the aesthetic of printed sparklines.
* Free – Sparkline is completely free to use on your personal website, company home page, or to include in your commercial product. Sparkline is distributed under the BSD license.


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