WordPress 2.0 theme – WP-Andreas09 Jan 7 2006

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WP-Andreas09 is my WordPress port of an open source template by Andreas Viklund called andreas09. WP-Andreas09 is a full width, 3 column theme with a fluid central column and it comes in 6 different colours that can be changed from within your WordPress Admin Options Panel.

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  1. dj Says:

    Hey all — was hoping that someone could clue me in on a total n00b CSS issue:

    I’m trying to customize the Random Image Theme for WordPress, and I’m running into a small — but *incredibly annoying* — problem.

    I’m trying to make the background of the content area white. The background of navigation column that runs down the right side is not plain white (FFFFFF). Rather Photoshop’s color picker claims that it’s F9F9F9 — but this isn’t anywhere in the style.css file. There is a .alt that has a background set at F8F8F8, but when I change that to FFFFFF, it doesn’t help.

    Where is that shading coming from?

    many thanks…

  2. Gabriel Says:


    Check this file:

    I think the background color you’re seeing is actually saved into that graphic. To get rid of it, open it in Photoshop, select the grey area and change it to white or whatever color you want it to be. (Basically, it’s not a CSS issue, it’s a graphic issue…)

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