Python at Google (presentation by Greg Stein given at SDForum)

I love this part of this nice piece about some of the technology / programming practices at Google:

Python programmers at Google must follow a strict style guideline (based on PEP8 with 2 spaced indenting). When engineers are first granted commit access to their SCM system, they must pass a style test. All code must pass through two sets of eyes before being checked in. That combined with liberal doses of unittest, pychecker and code coverage eliminates most non-algorithmic issues that might appear in python code.

Code checking? Two sets of eyes? Style test? Sounds like a good idea, although like it would slow down development a bit in a smaller shop, where often times only one person can really be working on a project at one time. But, improved final quality is probably worth it.

I guess if you want to be the next Google, you should try at least to create clean code like Google. Oh yeah, and write your web pages with C++. w00t. 🙂

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