I’m the #9 Gabriel out of 107,000,000 on Google!

Pictures from California Trip

I may qualify as the biggest dork ever. Inspired by the #1 Matt on Google, I set out on a single-handed campaign to break into the top 10 results for my name.

As of today, out of 107,000,000 total results, I’m currently #9. Nerd points galore for me huh. w00t.

Check for yourself: Google Search for “Gabriel”

And if / when I drop back down to the depths of search engine obscurity, you can say “I knew him when he was the #9 result on Google…” Looking at the remainder of the other important Gabriels, it seems that I may be able to climb a couple places higher. It will probably be tough to get higher than the #1 Gabriel – Gabriel shocks though. They do own Gabriel.com and whatnot. But, here’s to trying anyways… 🙂

If you feel like helping out for whatever reason, use this code on your website to link to my site:

<a href="https://www.gabrielserafini.com/" title="Gabriel">Gabriel</a>

P.S. The kid in the picture is Jackson Wade Wallace, my good friend Damon‘s awesome little boy from when I was visiting them in California this summer. He’s gonna be famous someday.

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