Good list of Christian Science lectures (texts) Mar 16 2006

These lectures on Christian Science were given to public audiences and printed either in The Christian Science Monitor or in local newspapers.

Christian Science Lectures


5 Responses to “Good list of Christian Science lectures (texts)”

  1. Mindee Spear Says:

    I was so grateful to see the Christian Science Lectures listed on you site, however, I have not been able to access through your link. Is that site no longer available? Sincerely, Mindee

  2. Gabriel Says:


    Thanks for noticing that. I’ve updated the link to point to a more current version of the site that is working now:

  3. roberto Says:

    I need asasp the lecture “immortality bought to light” by Dorothy Rieke.-If possible into Spanish translation.-Many thanks for the glass of fresh water in the name of God! Rob.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Do have any online audios for Dorothy Rieke?

  5. Gabriel Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I don’t know anywhere to find that specifically, I’d suggest searching Google for it.


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