4 restaurants I’d like to visit someday

These are some restaurants that I’d like to visit sometime. They’re all pretty pricey, but each promises to deliver an exceptional experience. Each features a “tasting menu” where you get to taste all of the flavors that the chef can imagine you will like, utilizing seasonal flavors and presentations. High-end service also seems to be a halmark of these restaurants.

The French Laundry – Supposedly THE best restaurant in America, at least according to Restaurant Magazine (and coming in at #4 in the world to boot). Super pricy for a dinner (when I checked it was $210 per person) but still sounds like potentially an amazingly awesome experience. Kottke said “It was the best meal I have ever had.” Thinking I might want to go there for my birthday (June 27) this year (though probably I’ll need to be chipping in on a dinner like that…)

Chez Panisse – in Berkley, CA. Known for starting the whole “California Cuisine” movement that focuses on super fresh, hyper-local food prepared in simple ways that emphasizes the individual flavors of each food.

Charlie Trotters – Located in Chicago, Charlie Trotter has an outstanding reputation for dedication to freshness and quality. I’ve enjoyed watching his PBS cooking show, and look forward to visiting some time.

Alinea Restaurant – has a reputation for really new style of cuisine. They were recently written up in Wired and seem to be THE cutting edge when it comes to experimental cusine. Also located in Chicago.

Leave a comment if you’ve been to any of these 4 restaurants or would suggest any others in addition or in place of these…

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