Hiya from my new Treo 700p by way of Flickr

Yay, they finally released the Treo 700P! Posting this pic directly from my new phone.

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  1. hey there! love this post, trying to do the same. but did you upload using a palm based program or using flickr’s email function??

    i’m lookin for a palm-based photo program (like splashblog.com has for photo blogs)… and flickr doesn’t seem to make one that works with treo/palm phones?

    and yes, i know i can email, but email sucks… programs are much easier and faster.

  2. Chris,

    I uploaded that picture directly from the Treo using the email address Flickr provided for my account.

    Since I did this post, I’ve figured out my favorite way to upload pictures:

    1. Sync Treo with my Powerbook
    2. Import new pictures into iPhoto
    3. Select photos to upload to Flickr
    4. Export photos to Flickr using the iPhoto plugin provided by Flickr

    It is way faster to upload each picture using this method, plus has the rich title / description / tagging that makes Flickr great.

    It seems to me that being able to post directly from the phone is a very potentially useful function, but for daily use I prefer using my laptop.

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