My (paid) review for – a new site where you get paid to review things (duh)

Note: This entry is a PAID review for Oh good gracious.

TextLinkAds is now offering a new service called where bloggers get paid to write about stuff. As I am a current customer of TextLinkAds, I thought I’d give it a try. So here it is, my first paid-for review.

Things I like about so far:

  • Pleasant graphic design (Web 2.0 style points)
  • Not too heavy on the ajax interactions
  • Fairly clear explanations of how things work (though, see the not-likes below for more on this).
  • I feel like I can trust them since I’m already dealing with the parent company TextLinkAds.
  • The amount that they’re offering seems like a good amount ($30 to write this particular review, for example).
  • Getting my PayPal account details right up front and offering check payments as well. That feels like I’ll get paid.
  • Disclosure Policy I really like that they have a clear policy of disclosure when posting a paid review. That seems like a clean, clear and honest approach that will at least let readers know when a post has been sponsored.

Things I’m not completely thrilled about:

  • Having to supply SSN right up front. A lot of services make this a later step. I know why they need it (it’s the law in the United States), but I’d feel more comfortable if they requested this particular info after I had completed the signup process.
  • Need more clarity for the blogger user type (me) for how to get new reviews, or maybe an explanation that’s not just in the FAQ. If I submitted a site as a blogger / publisher, you should provide me with a clear next step and set my expectations. I felt a sense of “what’s next” after completing signup.

All in all, I’m excited about this program and having it help pay for my monthly hosting fees. If you have a website, or want to pay to have bloggers like me post reviews of your product on their sites, I’d recommend giving it a try.

ReviewMe | Write reviews for cash!

Just a reminder. This was paid for. Or will be. I hope. 🙂

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