The first fitness site that lets you get points for playing VIDEOGAMES!!!

We just added 10 new activities to Collabofit, including a special new one: VIDEOGAMES!!!

* Videogames???
Here are the top 3 reasons why we think it’s useful to track your time playing videogames using Collabofit:

  1. Lots of people love playing videogames, and it is common to actually work up a sweat while playing them. i.e. there is _some_ fitness benefit (we think…)
  2. By treating videogames as a fitness activity worth tracking, hopefully people who like to play videogames will look at some of the other activities you can track using Collabofit, and will realize that something as simple as taking a walk is worth more points than playing videogames. Maybe the same competitive drive that leads some players to play for hours on end will also lead them to get out and do something else useful with their time and get some sweet fitness points for doing so. And that’s a good thing, right?
  3. What other fitness site actually gives you points for playing videogames? How cool is that!
  4. If you want an invite, email gserafini [at] with the subject: “Gimme a Collabofit Invite Please” and we’ll hook you up. (Open public signup is coming soon, but sending us an email so we can send you an invite is currently the only way you can get an account.)

    Now get your Dance Dance Revolution on and Wii your way to a slimmer trimmer you!

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The first fitness site that lets you get points for playing VIDEOGAMES!!!

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