Searchball – Web-based Google PageRank checker toolbar for Safari Jan 15 2007

It’s still an early prototype, but it the basic functionality is there – a toolbar that you can use with Safari to see the Google PageRank of the page you’re looking at.

Searchball – Safari Page Rank Checker

Alexa page rank checking will be added soon.

To use, just type in the domain you want to visit into the search box, then the website will open up in the bottom frame and the Google Page Rank for that site will show up in the top frame.

2 Responses to “Searchball – Web-based Google PageRank checker toolbar for Safari”

  1. Kirill Morozov Says:

    I’ve checked this tool with my site, so it was working too slow and without any result. I’m trying to find the real safari plugin to cheking pagerank.

  2. webmaster php scripts Says:

    It’s ok… but when compared to other it sucks in speed and performance. So it might be considered.

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