Lessig on Obama

One of the smartest people around, noted Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig, has put together an outstanding video sharing his reasons for voting for Obama. I highly recommend watching it and thinking about the issues he raises. If you disagree, why?

Watch or download the high-quality video here (torrent).

Lots of excellent thoughts and comments on his post too (scroll down).

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2 responses to “Lessig on Obama”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for making this available. I appreciate the thoughts in the video very much. I have been active in the Obama campaign here in Iowa since May and I have been deeply touched by the insistence on respecting others and empowering others as we worked to get out the vote. I have seen some woderful expressions of selflessness in others that has impressed me and made me think what I could do. I have come to find the process of choosing a leader is a liberating one and one that becmoes more and more precious to me.

  2. Thanks for posting this – I wish more people could see this and realise why he is the RIGHT candidate for the presidency. We over here in the UK are rooting for him as he has the potential to have a hugely positive impact here too.

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