P90X Day 8, 9 – Ab Ripper X

P90X Ab-Ripper XEnded up doing Chest & Back Monday night (instead of Sunday).  I may try to do the Plyometrics workout (was supposed to be today’s video) tomorrow morning-ish to catch back up.  Tomorrow is also Shoulders & Arms.

Felt good to get back to it.  Picture is of me taking a short break while doing Ab Ripper X — so fun!  Everyone should do it.

“Bring it!”


2 responses to “P90X Day 8, 9 – Ab Ripper X”

  1. Yes… that face says “so fun.” It also says “get off me; if you shove that pizza toward me I will mess you up; yeah I farted, so what; and I hate everyone with ripped abs who is not me but I’ll smile a little bit so they won’t really know that.”

    Love you!

    • Hehe yes. It’s especially fun that the 15 minutes of intensive core / abdominal workout comes after 60 minutes of other stuff. It ends up being kind of fun in that special “sort of kind of fun” sort of way. 🙂

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