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Very cool Moves app visualization May 14 2014

If you use the neat Moves app (it tracks walks, runs, bicycle rides, transportation, all automatically) this is a very cool visualization tool to see your history: Move-o-Scope

Here’s my accumulated data so far:

Gabriel's Moves data

Resuming P90X after 2 week hiatus – Back in the hunt! Apr 26 2012

Delicious sundae at Fentons

After taking about 2 weeks off of my P90X routine I decided to resume it today.  According to the calendar schedule I have, I’m now in week 4 (recovery time) and today’s routine was Core Synergistics.  It was pretty fun, and not a terrible one to get back into it with.  I figured rather than restart at the beginning, just try to pick it back up and keep on going with it.  Taxes and some large projects got in the way, but now that those are done it’s time to get back into it.  Will try to keep doing it this time.  Also am thinking of trying to do them in the morning instead of evening going forward.

P90X Day 11 report – Arms & Shoulders + bonus Ab Ripper X = makeup day Apr 12 2012

P90X day 11 - Arms Shoulders + bonus Ab Ripper XStill working on getting “caught up”.  Today’s official workout was supposed to be Yoga X, but I did Arms & Shoulders + Ab Ripper X instead (yesterday’s workout).  Might get caught up tomorrow?

Only did about 1/2 the reps for Ab Ripper X, resting in between.

All in all feels good to be doing my best to get one of these in each day.  I’m sailing around the Farallon Islands in a race on Saturday, so I’ll be skipping Stretch day for that, another one that I should be able to make up.

Tired and ready for bed…

P90X Day 10 – Plyometrics Apr 10 2012

P90X day 10 - Plyometrics

Did Plyometrics (“jump training”) all the way through today, taking lots of breaks.  It is very intense.

May still do Shoulders and Arms later tonight to get fully caught up.

P90X Day 8, 9 – Ab Ripper X Apr 9 2012

P90X Ab-Ripper XEnded up doing Chest & Back Monday night (instead of Sunday).  I may try to do the Plyometrics workout (was supposed to be today’s video) tomorrow morning-ish to catch back up.  Tomorrow is also Shoulders & Arms.

Felt good to get back to it.  Picture is of me taking a short break while doing Ab Ripper X — so fun!  Everyone should do it.

“Bring it!”

P90X Day 7 – One week in Apr 7 2012

Gabriel Sailing

Went sailing today with Craig, Anna Lisa, Julian, Andrea, Julian’s sister, and Amanda.  Was an absolutely gorgeous day out on the Bay.  We took a Catalina 32 out and enjoyed sunshine, consistent breeze and almost flat water conditions.

Went for Cheese Board pizza afterwards — delicious as always.  Again with the whole “eat what I want to eat but try to add some additional physical exercise to my regimen and see what kind of results we can get” approach.  Mmmm Cheese Board.

P90X fitness workout for today is Stretching.  Trying to get it completed before midnight.

P90X Day 5, 6 – Skip day and going half speed (aka “Dogging it”) Apr 6 2012

At Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland

Delicious doughnuts that I ate last month in Portland. mmmm 🙂

Yesterday (day 5) ended up being a bye day for me for P90X. I had quite a lot of work that I had to finish (a client’s e-commerce shopping cart system wasn’t liking some of the logic that I had implemented, and I needed to fix it before I really did anything else). In bed around 1:45am, I thought I might catch up today (Friday). That didn’t happen though, due again to a number of factors (work, driving down to San Jose, dog-sitting).

Today, Day 6 (Kempo) I did manage to get 1/2 of the workout in. It was pretty fun (lots of punching the air) and when it started to get to the bigger kicks I decided to call it a night.

Resolving to continue to do my best to show up each day and hit play on this program. Almost done with Week 1. Overall body is still feeling sore, but happy to be doing the program.

Sailing tomorrow morning. 🙂

P90X Day 4 – Yoga X Apr 5 2012


Did about 40 minutes (out of 1.5hrs) of the yoga video last night, then it was midnight, and I had had enough. The P90X Yoga video definitely focuses on yoga as an athletic exercise (vs. a focus on yoga as a quiet and contemplative practice). It was a nice break and the stretching felt good, as many muscles are feeling sore that haven’t been worked in a while.

Overall still enjoying the routine, gonna keep at it.

“Do your best, forget the rest.”

P90x day 2&3 Apr 3 2012


Day 2: Plyometrics
Ate large quantity of sushi omakase style at Kirala in Berkeley. Did not do Plyometrics tonight. Slept instead.

Day 3
Did first 1/2 half of Plyometrics video then had lunch with sister and my awesome nieces in the park. Was pretty wiped out and ready for the break.

Went to A’s vs Giants game, enjoyed hot dog & nachos for dinner.

Gonna do my best to get through video #3 tonight.

P90X Day 1 – Chest & Back – A good start Apr 1 2012

P90X logoI decided that it was time to give the P90X videos a shot, after my brother Andy has done it like 4 times now, with some excellent results.  Did the first video this evening (Chest & Back), with the bonus Ab Ripper X.  Overall I enjoyed it, and afterwards felt the same kind of wiped-out tired feeling like I used to get when I had my personal trainer.  It felt fun, even when I couldn’t really do anymore reps.  Also I did air pullups since I don’t have a pullup bar yet, but it still was a good workout!

Thinking about building a P90X WordPress plugin…

Need to do my fitness test and also take my “before” pics.

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