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  • Meet Mark, one of the over 8,000 homeless people in Oakland, CA

    Meet Mark, one of the over 8,000 homeless people in Oakland, CA

    The problem of homelessness is something I see almost every day living here in the Bay Area.  I think one of the worst things we can do to other human beings is to not see them as fellow human beings.  Meet Mark, one of the over 8,000 homeless people living in Oakland. The next homeless…

  • “This is Water”

    “This is Water”

    “This is Water” – An excellent video sharing wisdom given at a graduation speech by David Foster Wallace in 2005. Watch now.  Some very good plainspoken thoughts here. (Via Daring Fireball) Link to share this:

  • Finding where the path goes

    Finding where the path goes

    I recently got back from a weeklong trip to Kauai that was lovely.  It included spending a lot of time with my girlfriend’s cousins and aunties, eating lots of delicious food, and getting an excellent local-style experience.  On one of the last days we drove to the north end of the island, to the end…

  • Webelos Scout Dropout

    When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I joined the Boy Scouts. Except it wasn’t Boy Scouts for me, no, it was Webelos Scouts, since that was the appropriate group for my age at the time. I hadn’t been a Cub Scout, but did like the idea very much of camping, friendship, outdoor activities,…

  • Classic Personal Productivity Tip: Inbox Zero method

    In case you haven’t seen this video yet, you should watch it. Once I adopted the Inbox Zero system (which took about 30 minutes to do the first time) it literally changed my life for the better. YouTube link: Email verbs: More here: Link to share this:

  • Then don’t worry.

    More info about this Zen flowchart here. Link to share this:

  • Last minute Mother’s Day present – donate to Mother’s Grove in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest

    If you haven’t gotten your mom something yet, consider donating to the new Mother’s Grove in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest… Click here to donate now Link to share this:

  • kai

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  • Barack Obama on Religion

    Barack Obama is the most intelligent, reasoned politician I have ever heard. This video is remarkable. In it, he shares his views on religion and its role in a pluralistic, progressive society. My favorite passage of the speech (emphahsis added): And even if we did have only Christians in our midst, if we expelled every…

  • My submissions to the Miro one-click subscribe button contest

    Miro (the open source video player formerly known as Democracy) is running a contest right now to design a revised one-click subscribe button. A Fun Little Design Contest Design up to three buttons and submit them as links in the comments. On August 20th, we’ll create a blog post with all of the submissions. There…

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