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Just used these guys to electronically file a 1099-MISC for one of our Niner Niner writers. Costs $3.79 per form. – Online W-2, 1099 and 941 filing

Bookadoodle is now live – yay! Mar 4 2006

Bookadoodle header graphic

Well, I finally got the new WordPress theme for Bookadoodle finished and uploaded. The rooster logo was designed by Sara who also suggested the fun name and encouraged us to build out the concept. Content-wise, it is still a young blog, but, uh, check out the cool roundy corners! Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

Books are great. We love books. This site is for you if you love books … reading books, writing books, or just sharing your latest favorite reads.


How vSocial Went from 0 to 71 Million Page Views in (about) 120 Days | Ajax Blog Feb 27 2006

I’ve been using vSocial more and more lately to watch clips and my main man Shanti recently got a chance for a full-blown interview and posted it over on Ajax Blog. You should definitely check it out since they’ve been scaling massively lately and you can watch cool videos on their site.

We wanted to pick the brains of the vSocial founding team and learn about: starting a new social networking site, building a large-scale, high-bandwidth web app, developing with Ajax, building traffic/buzz, life hacks, and more.

The numbers speak for themselves: vSocial has gone from 0 to 71M monthly page views, 270K unique daily visitors and 45M videos served a month … all in about 120 days!

Brad Webb and Mark Sigal of vSocial were kind enough to sit down with Ajax Blog for the following interview. Enjoy!

Can you describe how the company or concept behind came about?

The core platform behind vSocial was developed over the past three years (with vSocial’s other co-founder, Brent Oesterblad) as part of a general purpose social media platform for uploading and sharing pictures, music, movies and other rich media content items. Looking at the market mid-last year, it was clear that Internet video was about to hit in a big way, and we felt that we had a lot of “secret sauce” to bring to the equation so we opted to focus there. The underlying platform is quite feature rich, and we expect to roll more of it out into the market in the coming months.

Read the rest of the interview: How vSocial Went from 0 to 71 Million Page Views in (about) 120 Days | Ajax Blog

Niner Niner sites sorted by Overall Rank Dec 15 2005

Blog Name Overall Rank Technorati Rank Technorati Links Yahoo Indexed Pages Google Backlinks Value
Ajax Blog 285 9,851 436 309 628 $78,485
High Heels Blog 655 98,920 244 323 241 $14,116
Thumb Gods 690 155,119 231 252 194 $9,599
Feed Money 697 205,693 235 98 242 $7,340
Powersellers Blog 699 205,693 246 399 171 $7,340
Fix My Finance 702 177,557 254 141 183 $8,470
The Diet Logs 716 129,031 218 245 190 $11,293
On Movies 735 155,119 286 113 183 $9,599
The Single Life 751 205,693 234 246 184 $7,340
SEO Updates 757 190,977 252 146 199 $7,905
HIPAA Blog 771 N/A N/A 197 264 N/A
Wander Words 772 205,693 238 133 193 $7,340
Games for Money 780 205,693 259 181 174 $7,340
Class Action Questions 815 N/A N/A 473 179 N/A
Streetsters 830 190,977 223 60 181 $7,905
Boomer 2.0 838 190,977 237 91 165 $7,905
Medcare Forum 839 205,693 288 89 175 $7,340
On Healthy Living 874 N/A N/A 220 199 N/A
HyperGadget 958 N/A N/A 69 4 N/A
Meridian Coffee House 971 155,119 262 11 165 $9,599
Vegas Revealed 995 177,557 44 20 123 $8,470

Blog Network List :: The Comprehensive Blog Network Rankings Dec 15 2005

Niner Niner is ranked #39 out of 64 blog networks. We have 223 writers and a platform that is flexible and has scaled really well so far, based on a bunch of custom PHP scripts and the ever so awesome WordPress platform.

Kind of neat to see that someone thinks that it’s worth $217,386.00. How they came up with that number exactly, I’m not sure. But cool nonetheless.

Network Name: Niner Niner Weblog Network [Visit]
Network Size: 21
Network Index Score: 34.2222
Network Overall Rank: 39
Value: $217,386
Average Value: $10,352
Technorati Rank: 2,865,362
Average Technorati Rank: 136,446
Technorati Links: 4,187
Average Technorati Links: 199
Technorati Blogs Linking: 385
Average Technorati Blogs Linking: 18
Alexa Traffic Rank: 0
Average Alexa Traffic Rank: 0
Yahoo Pages Indexed: 3,816
Average Yahoo Pages Indexed: 182
Yahoo Inlinks: 56,959
Average Yahoo Inlinks: 2,712
Google Backlinks 4,237
Average Google Backlinks 202
Total Google Pages Indexed 2,695
Average Google Pages Indexed 128
Total MSN Search Pages Indexed 6,051
Average MSN Search Pages Indexed 288
Total MSN Search Links: 50,524
Average MSN Search Links: 2,406
Date Added to Blog Network List: 2005-11-20
Stats last updated: 2005-12-15

Blog Network List :: The Comprehensive Blog Network Rankings

Update about the $ valuation number:

Where does this value number come from anyways?

The current blog “value” amount is based on work done earlier by the Business Opportunities Weblog and Tristian Louis. The numbers are based on a valuation of the Weblogs, Inc. acquisition by AOL. We don’t put much weight in it, but it’s fun to play with.

ContentVote weblog – ContentVote beta version now live Dec 14 2005

ContentVote weblog – ContentVote beta version now live

ContentVote beta version now live

Today has released its beta version. From now on, any website or weblog which wants useful opinions about its own items and posts, can use If you have any suggestions for us to enhance the site, please let us know. – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox? Nov 16 2005 – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox?

Your Favorite Firefox Extensions

Ever want a place to store all your favorite Firefox extensions? Look no farther, you can create your own page in about 10 seconds and 1-click add most of the ones that you already like.

Here are my favorites: My favorite extensions – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox? Nov 14 2005

This is what coding all weekend with a good friend can do: – tell everyone why you like Firefox and they should switch to it from IE.

First post. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Who says there aren’t 1,000,001 reasons to switch to Firefox?

1 reasons to use Firefox and counting…

Why Firefox? Reason #1

Gabriel says: Using Firefox is like drinking water after wandering the desert for 40 years. Except that it is a web browser, and it’s been available for some time now. ๐Ÿ™‚

That was 14:26 yesterday.

(That was 14:26 yesterday.)

Awesome. Check it out, you’re the first to know.

HyperGadget – The latest gadget and electronics buzz Oct 11 2005

Another great Niner Niner site in the making. Things are really starting to take off. Last night we had 148 writers. Today we have 160. Looking forward to seeing some collaboration and great writing!

HyperGadget – The latest gadget and electronics buzz

Welcome to – your home for the latest in cool gadget news

Ajax Blog – All Ajax, all the time – XMLHttpRequest, Javascript, Web 2.0 all the way Oct 7 2005

Ajax Blog – All Ajax, all the time – XMLHttpRequest, Javascript, Web 2.0 all the way

We’re proud release our redesign for Ajax Blog. The old design was wearing a little thin. This is our new design, based on a customized version of the excellent K2 theme by Michael and Chris.

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