How vSocial Went from 0 to 71 Million Page Views in (about) 120 Days | Ajax Blog

I’ve been using vSocial more and more lately to watch clips and my main man Shanti recently got a chance for a full-blown interview and posted it over on Ajax Blog. You should definitely check it out since they’ve been scaling massively lately and you can watch cool videos on their site.

We wanted to pick the brains of the vSocial founding team and learn about: starting a new social networking site, building a large-scale, high-bandwidth web app, developing with Ajax, building traffic/buzz, life hacks, and more.

The numbers speak for themselves: vSocial has gone from 0 to 71M monthly page views, 270K unique daily visitors and 45M videos served a month … all in about 120 days!

Brad Webb and Mark Sigal of vSocial were kind enough to sit down with Ajax Blog for the following interview. Enjoy!

Can you describe how the company or concept behind came about?

The core platform behind vSocial was developed over the past three years (with vSocial’s other co-founder, Brent Oesterblad) as part of a general purpose social media platform for uploading and sharing pictures, music, movies and other rich media content items. Looking at the market mid-last year, it was clear that Internet video was about to hit in a big way, and we felt that we had a lot of “secret sauce” to bring to the equation so we opted to focus there. The underlying platform is quite feature rich, and we expect to roll more of it out into the market in the coming months.

Read the rest of the interview: How vSocial Went from 0 to 71 Million Page Views in (about) 120 Days | Ajax Blog

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